Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Delivery / Collection Details

A1 Skipbags Delivery

All skip bag deliveries are normally within 1-3 working days depending upon where you live. Note some bags are delivered by 3rd party couriers and delivery time may be outside of our control.

A1 Skipbags Collection

Enter the date from when your bag will be ready for collection. Your order will be automatically routed to our drivers for collection. Your skip bag must therefore be ready for collection anytime from the date you select as it may be collected on the same day (anytime from 6am onwards). If you enter an order and the bag is not out, a wasted journey fee will be payable. Your bag will normally be collected within 1-5 working days (Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays) unless it is in an area where we have indicated it may take longer. This is outlined on the booking page when you select your area.

Note that if you purchased the A1 skip bag at one of our partner outlets or are using a replacement skip bag, you should select the option “pay for skipbag/skip” in order to pay for the collection. If you have a voucher code enter it prior to selecting payment to avail of the discount.

Steel Skips

Enter your preferred drop date. Skips are supplied on a 3 day hire (Mon-Sat). If you require more than 3 days, please contact our customer services department. Additional daily hire rates will apply. Skips may be collected anytime from 6.00am on the 4th working day after your skip was dropped. Exact times cannot be guaranteed. Preferred AM or PM slot time can be entered into notes section and we will try to accommodate your request. If you require a wait & load service please contact our customer service department to check availability and pricing before placing an order.

Level Loads

Skips and skipbags must be filled to level load only

Your skip bag or skip will not be collected and a wasted journey fee will be charged if you fill past the level marked. We also cannot lift any bag or skip that is overweight. Your order will go back into the system for re-routing only when you confirm with customer service that the load has been made safe to lift and the wasted journey fee paid.


Please ensure your skipbag is positioned as per instructions on the bag

– in particular with regards crane distance, access for trucks and overhead obstructions taking into account the size and weight of a skip truck. Full details are on the outer packaging. Be aware of any obstructions, narrow gateways or lanes, overhead wires, drains, walls, gates, cars that will prevent the bag from being accessed or lifted safely. Our driver must be able to get to the bag to attach the lifting chains.

Unacceptable Materials

We cannot accept the following waste:

paints, aerosols or gas canisters ( even if empty ), tyres, any electrical goods or domestic appliances, any WEEE items, hazardous wastes, asbestos, domestic or foodwaste, oil, solvents, chemicals, sludges, batteries of any kind, florescent lighting, clinical wastes, animal remains or faeces, contaminated soil or rubble. You bag/skip will not be lifted if it contains any of the above waste materials.

Do you need a permit?

If you are placing the skip or skipbag on a public road, parking bay, grass verge or public walkway you may require a local authority permit in advance

Please see your local authority’s website under skip bye laws to see what permit rules/fees apply in your area. You will need to provide us with your permit number before booking your order.